• Kristen, Mamapedia  27, Aug. 2008. – Frances is one of those people who genuinely cares about children. She is gifted in her ability to find that balance between healthy boundaries and necessary nurturing. My daughter thrived under her care.
  • Heather, Mamapedia 25, Aug. 2008  – Frances is amazing. We have sent our youngest son to her daycare since he was an infant. She will also (for a fee) take our oldest two when their school is closed. Her facility is wonderful and secure. She understands child development and knows what activities are appropriate to certain age groups. She is professional, intelligent, creative, and loving with children. We are thrilled we found her and cannot thank her enough for being so helpful with our family.
  • Margo, Mamapedia 19, Aug. 2008 – Frances/Rizzing Starrz provides a wonderful, nurturing, safe, creative, fun, and stimulating environment for children. My son thrived in her care–in ways he never did at a daycare center. She genuinely cares for and is interested in each and every child and it shows in how she runs her business. I very highly recommend Rizzing Starrz.
  • Beau, Father of Quinn, Feb. 2015 – Frances puts 110% of herself into Rizzing Starrz and brings the perfect combination of warmth and caring to the kids–and professionalism to her job. My son bonded with her (and she with him) because she took the time and energy to truly understand him and what he needed. She is dedicated to what she does as a wonderful teacher and nurturer, which comes across in numerous ways, not the least of which was how happy our son was and how much he learned while in her care

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